How to set up your Team

You can follow the steps below to create and manage a team in MyCheckins.

Note: Teams can only be created by Workspace Owners in MyCheckins. All Slack Workspaces Owners and Administrators are Workspace Owners in MyCheckins.

Step One

Go to MyCheckins and login to your account using the “Sign-in with Slack” option.


Step Two

Click on the “Add Team” button on the side-bar. You will see a new pop-up.


Step Three

Enter the team name in the first field.


Step Four

Click on the next field to pick members to add to the team. You can find them by scrolling through the list or typing their names in the search bar.


Step Five

Click on the Team Members you want to add. You can deselect members to remove them.


Step Six

Select the Team Members roles by clicking right below their name. (Team Leads can create check-ins and manage the team. Team Members can only answer check-ins)


Step Seven

Click on the “Create Team” button. Your team is ready.


For more tutorials on MyCheckins, please check out the Resources section. In case you need help - feel free to reach out to us at We will get back to you right away.

Rushabh Chourasia

Product and Marketing