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Run stand-ups, status updates, retrospectives and more. All within Slack or Teams.

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Are you spending more time coordinating than working?

You might be if..

You're missing a clear picture of your team's priorities

You're spending hours every week in calls and meetings

Keeping your team aligned takes a lot of effort

Founders and Managers use MyCheckins to align priorities and free up time

Know what your team is working on. Without calling a meeting.

Use check-ins to get a clear picture of your team’s priorities. Without taking time and focus away from anyone.

Save time and improve productivity with fewer meetings

Run routine meetings asynchronously on MyCheckins. Give your team more time to do deep work.

Help your team align and collaborate well

Use check-ins to spot blockers and clear dependencies. Get everyone on the same page.

Keep everything within Slack and Teams

No need to add another tool to your stack. Run team check-ins within Slack or Teams.

How it works?

It takes less than two minutes to get started..

Add to MyCheckins to Slack or Teams

Install the bot, create your workspace, and add your team.

Create check-ins with your team

Pick the questions, schedule, and members. You’re set!

See everyone's responses

Let the bot collect and share your team’s responses.

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“MyCheckins eliminated the need to have a morning meeting with my team. I read the updates posted by my team when I start my day. It takes 3 minutes and gives me confidence that we're all on the same page."

Michael Rodinaro, Founder at Parkday

Use MyCheckins for..

Daily Stand-ups

  • Spot any blockers and dependencies early.
  • Quickly know what needs your attention
  • Know all team members plan for the day.
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Weekly Planning

  • Know everyone's top priorities for the week.
  • Spot any blockers and dependencies early.
  • Understand if your team is on the right track.
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Weekly Retrospectives

  • Set up a simple feedback loop with your team.
  • Know what's working well, and what isn't.
  • Improve morale and build a culture of growth.
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Why MyCheckins?

It's simple, fuss-free, and powerful.

Super-fast setup. Takes less than 2 minutes.

Not another tool. Works with Slack and Teams.

Free forever. If you sign-up before 31st March, 2022.

Free forever for team's who sign-up before 31st March, 2022.

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