Get insights into your team’s progress

Learn how your team is progressing. Understand what’s working well, and what can be better.

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Build a culture of growth

It can be easy for things to get side-tracked between Monday and Friday. This can often lead to teams missing their goals and losing track of progress.
MyCheckins helps you get a clear measure of progress by looking back on your week as a team. All async on Slack or Teams.

Get a clear measure of your team's progress in the week

Understand what worked well, and what needs improvement

Build a feedback loop that helps your team grow

Get clear insights into progress

Understand what your team worked on this week, and see the progress they made.

  • View each team members weekly summary
  • See the outcome of the entire week

Close the gaps and make improvements

Understand your team’s thoughts on what’s working well and what can be improved.

  • Make it easy for your team to share feedback
  • Understand what you can do to help

Build a strong culture

Make your team feel heard and build a culture of growth and inclusion.

  • Improve your team morale by celebrating wins
  • Keep your team engaged

Set up your restrospective in three easy steps

Get set up in under 2 minutes. No coding necessary.


Pick the weekly retrospective template

Go to your team and click on the weekly retrospective template to start creating your check-in


Create and share your weekly retrospective

Choose your questions, schedule a time, and add the team members. That's it!


View your team's responses

Let the MyCheckins bot collect and share your team’s responses every Friday. It's that simple.

What our customers say about us

Natasha Levis
Project Manager

“Seeing my team's responses at the start of the day helps me quickly understand where I should focus my time and energy. I'm able to help my team much faster now.”

Elissa Macron
Finance Director

“Our daily stand-up calls are shorter and more effective since we started using MyCheckins to post our points before the meeting. Now, everyone comes prepared!”

Jeffrey Smidth
Account Manager

“Our team feels much better aligned since we started using MyCheckins. We're able to manage dependencies better and blockers are much easier to see and resolve together.”