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Get a clear picture of your team’s plan for the day. Without a meeting.

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It’s easy to get caught up in hour long stand-up calls without realizing how these meetings eat into your team’s time and focus regulary. MyCheckins helps you turn your stand-ups into asynchronous updates within Slack or MS Teams.

Get a clear picture of your team's plan for the day in one place

Reduce the time spent on your stand-up calls

Keep your teams aligned with minimal effort

Start your day with the full picture

Automated stand-ups help you and your team quickly prioritize and plan their days.

  • Get all team members daily updates in one place.
  • Know if your team is on the right track or not.

Help your team get unblocked

Avoid last-minute surprises. Spot blockers or dependencies early with clear information from all team members.

  • Identify and act on blockers easily.
  • Spot dependencies and avoid any delays.

Save time, improve team coordination

Give your team time to focus on work. Collaborate better with shared priorities.

  • Improve collaboration with clear daily planning
  • Give your team more time for deep work

Create stand-ups in three easy steps

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Pick your daily stand-up template

Go to your team and click on the daily stand-up template to start creating your check-in


Create and share your stand-up

Choose your questions, schedule a time, and add the team members. That's it!


View your team's responses

Let the MyCheckins bot collect and share your team’s responses. It's that simple.

What our customers say about us

Natasha Levis
Project Manager

“Seeing my team's responses at the start of the day helps me quickly understand where I should focus my time and energy. I'm able to help my team much faster now.”

Elissa Macron
Finance Director

“Our daily stand-up calls are shorter and more effective since we started using MyCheckins to post our points before the meeting. Now, everyone comes prepared!”

Jeffrey Smidth
Account Manager

“Our team feels much better aligned since we started using MyCheckins. We're able to manage dependencies better and blockers are much easier to see and resolve together.”