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We’re helping teams to focus, improve productivity, save time, and navigate the challenges of remote and hybrid work.

Our mission

To help teams achieve great things together

We believe that the tools you use are more than a purchase on a billing sheet. They are a representation of who you are and what you believe in.

When you empower your team with the right tools – you enable people do their best work, move faster, be more creative, and build better products,

Our mission is to build world class productivity tools that help teams achieve more – in less time.

“When you give people the space and freedom to work on their own terms – you get a team that’s creative, inspired, and impactful.”

Gopi Sukhavasi
Founder and CEO
our story

MyCheckins started out with a simple question

We were asking ourselves – how can we make it easier for remote teams to stay connected while still staying productive?

Working remotely comes with a greater shared responsibility to maintain communication, alignment, and productivity across teams – but it’s all too easy to get caught up in endless daily Zoom calls, emails, and Slack notifications that reduce your team’s ability to focus.

With MyCheckins, we aim to overcome the struggles that all remote teams face with communication, meetings, and time management.

Kimberly Ortega

I’m not spending hours in meetings anymore!

Joseph Evans

I have more time to code and so does my team

Monica Cunningham

There’s a huge boost in my team productivity

Brian Cochran

My team is less distracted and stressed out now

Jeffrey Blackburn

I have a better view of my team priorities

Meet our team

We’re a small team of passionate, like-minded creators spread out across three different time-zones. We’ve spent the last seven years building procurement solutions for a number of clients in the US Federal Governement. Our work has led us to spend time with some amazing people and learn what makes software truly work for teams of all shapes and sizes.

Gopi Sukhavasi

Founder and CEO

Gopi is the Founder of MyCheckins and a big believer in bootstrapping ideas. Gopi gained valuable experiences from several failed startups and also from his MBA from Columbia Business School. Outside of work, Gopi is an avid test cricket fan and likes to travel.

Armando Perez

Software Engineering

Armando has worked in the software industry for 10 years, gaining experience in all major areas of software development. He is passionate about building high-performance, scalable web applications. Outside of the office, Armando enjoys kitesurfing, hiking, and camping.

Our Values and Beliefs

Here’s a handful of reasons we’re the best choice to help teams save time and stay focused.

Empower everyone

Happy teams win more

Do more with less

Do one thing, and do it well.

Build meaning, not noise

Value to users is everything..

Trust and be trustworthy

Operate like a sports team.