We want to help you build happy, effective and engaged teams

Our Story

We are a small team of passionate, like-minded creators. We're a diverse set of individuals spread out across three different time zones. We've been working together and building products since 2014 as a truly remote and async team.

We enjoy what we do. We've spent the last 7 years building procurement solutions for a number of clients in the US Federal Government. Our work has led us to spend time with some amazing people and learn what makes software truly work for teams of all shapes and sizes.

We believe that the tools you use are more than a purchase on a billing sheet. They are a representation of who you are and what you believe in. Since last year, we've been on a mission to build productivity tools to help team do their best work. Tools that are crafted with only one thing in mind - helping you and your team do great work together.

We've been remote for seven years and we love it

We believe in a Remote and Hybrid future.

When you decouple work from location and give people the space and freedom to work on their own terms - you get a team that is creative, inspired and impactful.

Remote and Hybrid teams are shaking things up.

When you empower team with the right tools, you let people do their best work. Happy remote teams can move faster, be more creative and build better products.

But we understand remote work has it's challenges

Being an effective remote team is an acquired skill.

Being remote is fantastic, but the freedom, flexibility and ease brings a greater shared responsibility to maintain communication, alignment and productivity.

Being busy is not the same as being productive.

It's easy to get caught in the busy work - Zoom calls, Emails, Slack Notification. Reducing the clutter is the key to be focused and creative as a team.

We're helping teams coast over the challenges of remote work and free up time and focus for everyone.

Meet our Team

We're a remote team building MyCheckins out of three different time zones :)

Gopi Sukhavasi

Founder and CEO

Armando Perez

Software Engineering

Rushabh Chourasia

Product and Marketing

Our Culture and Beliefs

Less is more when building products.

Solve one thing and solve it right.

Good things start with an empowered team.

Good products are built by happy teams.

Build meaning not noise.

Identify the essential, eliminate the rest.

Trust and be trust-worthy.

High-trust teams have the lowest friction.

Knowledge is power

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