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MyCheckins helps your team stay organized and focused – while giving you greater transparency into projects, progress, and problems.

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All teams who sign-up before May 30th, 2022 will get lifetime free access to MyCheckins.

  • Offer ends on May 30th, 2022
  • 100% free to use for teams of all sizes. Forever.
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Here’s a handful of reasons we’re the best choice to help teams save time and stay focused.

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We’re building technology for the future of remote work.

MyCheckins is as easy to implement as it is to use.

Pricing FAQs

A list of  most commonly asked questions. About everything.

What is the early bird offer?

All customers who join us in our early stages play a big role in helping us improve and iterate on the MyCheckins product. To thank early adopters for their trust, we want to offer the product free forever for them and their team.

Do I have to pay to use this?

No. MyCheckins is free for all users who join now before May 30th, 2022 - while we're in the Early Bird phase. All users who sign up right now will have free access to the product forever.

Will I have to pay in the future?

Not at all! You and your team will have free access to the product forever. It's just our way of thanking you for joining us early in our journey :)

How do I invite my team?

You can get MyCheckins by clicking on the "Add to Slack" or "Add to Teams" buttons at the bottom of this page. Once you click, it just takes 2 minutes to set up!

“MyCheckins eliminated the need to have a morning meeting with my team. I read the updates posted by my team when I start my day. It takes 3 minutes and gives me confidence that we're all on the same page.”

Michael Rodinaro
Founder and CEO at Parkday